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4 Things Every Shopper for Flexible Office and Coworking Space Needs to Know

Shared workspaces and coworking were becoming a trend long before the pandemic and have since evolved into a movement. Workers are now asking employers for, and frequently getting, workspace packages by-the-month and location options in their neighborhood. Small businesses, remote workers and freelancers are using coworking for networking, collaborating, and just to see other faces outside the walls of their home. The buyers have evolved and so have the workspace offerings!

So, what is new for the workspace shopper?

1. You will find more workspaces in and around suburban areas. Dismantling corporate offices in the center of large cities is a thing. The small businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers who recognized the value of coworking years ago are being joined by remote workers of large corporations.

2. You will see more employers offering a stipend for coworking. Through the pandemic, some companies have purged or drastically reduced the footprint of their office space. Why pay for it when people do not want to travel to it. If this at all sounds like your company, ask for a stipend. They may have extra money in their coffers to help their employees work in a professional workplace near their home.

3. You can be in control of the term of your stay. Coworking is typically exponentially more flexible than your traditional office space lease. The buzzword these days is “scalable.” Ask about how long the term of the agreement is. Many spaces offer a month-to-month payment arrangement. If you are willing to commit for a longer term, ask for a discount. This feature allows you to grow your space as you grow your business. It also allows you to scale back your space if you no longer need it. It is not easy to say that last sentence, but let us be real … after going through 2020 and 2021, small business owners are petrified of getting stuck with long-term payments. Scalability is the key word to help owner-operators sleep at night.

4. You can build a package that is perfect for your needs! Coworking spaces typically have a variety of seating options (hot desks, dedicated desks, sit/stand desks, cubicles, open space seating, and private offices, just to mention a few), and usually offer services that provide a platform for success (such as a professional address and meeting rooms). Determine exactly what your needs are using the link to the workspace tool in the following paragraph. When you know exactly what you need and have a list of “wants” for your workspace, ask for them. The right flexible office space will be able to create the perfect package for you.

If you have read this far, you must be thinking about coworking. Improve your chances of picking the perfect coworking space and protect yourself from impulse buying by outlining your exact needs. Use the workspace evaluation tool provided in the blog “Choose the Perfect Coworking or Office Space With This Workspace Evaluation Tool.” It will save you time and money!

Paula Blair is the owner/operator of SOAR Co-Working in Tampa, Florida. If you live near or are visiting the New Tampa area and would like to see our space, please select "book a tour" from the footer below.

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