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Business Recovery or Business Resiliency Planning? Remember Your Workspace!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I was beyond impressed by a phone call I received a few weeks ago. The caller is a first responder when Florida storms occur. Businesses and residents call Lightning Restoration when they need a storm ravaged building to be restored or mitigated. For them to be unavailable because they have experienced damage or a power outage would have huge negative consequences for their customers. So, what was the purpose of his call to me? A big storm was expected the following weekend, and he was asking if our coworking business could accommodate his five employees if they lost power during the storm. Wow! He is such a great risk manager that he was clearing the way toward a workspace in advance for his people to service customers. Their customers would not suffer a delay or lack of response if they would suffer a loss themselves.

Large corporations are not strangers to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning and processes. On the other hand, a small business is not likely to have an alternate plan in advance of a disaster to protect and provide their systems, data, assets, resources, storefront, or workspace. Small business is even less likely to have a plan aimed toward being resilient. What is the difference between resiliency and recovery? If your business is resilient, you avoid a disaster fueled failure. If your business is not resilient, events cause disruptions or complete failure, and recovery is needed. Would it be easier to take the steps to result in resiliency in advance instead of rebuilding and recovering after the event? Absolutely!

As I am writing this, it is predicted there will be 2 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico next week. That has never happened before! (I am not a Meteorologist – I googled it). There is a possibility

Florida, and specifically, our area will experience hurricane-force winds and rain. Power outages and roof damage frequently occur during these conditions. We Floridians are not new to this weather. We live here knowing what storm-related risks we take. Anything in our yard that could be a projectile will be brought inside. We will tape or cover our windows. We will make room in our garage for our vehicles. We will buy water, hunker down, and ride out the storm. What do we do for our small business? Perhaps we throw a garbage sack over the computer equipment (or not), declare the workspace safe, and head home to play endless board games with the family.

I am asking you, what have you done to provide a backup workspace with electricity and internet during and after the next storm? Now is the time to check out your options. Waiting until after the storm may be too late.

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