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Find The Perfect Workspace

Use the workspace evaluation tool to determine your needs and wants.
Find the perfect workspace

Whether you're a small business or an independent, there are many factors to consider in choosing your perfect workspace. This checklist helps you rank each requirement to ultimately make the perfect decision. The workspace you choose is more than just a place for your desk and chair. It is an investment in yourself and your business. The coworking space or office you rent is your storefront and represents you and your business. Your excitement about the tour may overshadow questions you need to ask. We’ve made a list to help you get started.

This checklist will lead you through your requirements and how important each is to you. Modify this checklist by ranking each item as Need, Want, Nice-To-Have or Not Applicable. Add any items you need to consider that are not included. Rank and record each pertinent requirement during every workspace tour. You may think you’ll remember the attributes of every space you visit, but in reality, they’ll start to blend! Comparing the completed list for each space will give you the information you need for the decision-making process. Have fun touring spaces!

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT INTERNET – Many businesses can’t prosper without the use of high-speed internet. If you will be looking for a serviced office and using their internet, please test it. This is definitely a situation where you trust the salesperson, but verify their claim. Take your laptop with you, sign on to their Wi-Fi and run a test. A great test to use is Google’s Fiber Test. Per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a broadband internet connection has a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps. This gives a baseline for determining fast and slow internet speeds.

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Great idea about verifying the claims about the internet. Wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks for all the very good info!


I appreciate you for creating this checklist! It's smart to figure out my priorities as circumstances are changing. Thanks for getting this all in one spot.


What a great tool. It is true, we think we will remember from space to space what everything looks like, but then it becomes a blur. What a great way to prepare and save time.

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