CoWorking During COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 is being hailed as the responsible catalyst for the world's 4th Industrial Revolution. New workplace spacing and disinfectant protocols are being adopted with no idea how long they'll be in place. Looking for disruption in almost every industry in the world?  This is it! 


A hand sanitizer station greets you as soon as you walk in the door.  We have added frequent disinfection of high touch areas and signage to remind us of what we now know by heart...wash your hands, a lot!  Don't touch your face. Stay home if you're sick. Stay 6 feet apart.

Disinfectant is located throughout the building so owners of Dedicated Desks and offices can clean their own desk and equipment.  SOAR cleans the shared workspaces after every co-worker leaves.

Meeting rooms are cleaned between each meeting so they're always fresh and clean for the next user.

New as of 6-19-2020

Mayor Jane Castor has issued a rule starting at 5pm today. Face Masks are required throughout the City of Tampa. This step was taken to reduce the trend of high positive Coronavirus tests.


A sign will greet you at the front door reminding you a mask or face covering is required to enter. Here is how that will look for us:


Co-workers, please wear your mask at any time you're not positive you can be socially distanced. We should all be wearing masks:

  1.  Through the front door;

  2.  In the lobby;

  3.  In the hallways;

  4.  In the kitchen; and

  5.  In the coffee alcove.

Shared Workspaces - All work areas allow for desks/seats to be socially distanced or separated by a 22" high privacy panel (18" required for safety). Masks/face coverings won't be necessary for shared workspaces unless you feel more comfortable wearing one. There will be no shaming of anyone who elects to wear a face-covering when it's not required!


Meeting Rooms - Our larger meeting rooms will allow for social distancing of 2 to 4 people, depending on the room. You can have a meeting without social distancing when face coverings are worn.

We've all proven how resilient we are!  Now, let's come roaring back to the business world with a purpose!!!

My best,

Paula Blair

Chief Co-Worker

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Tampa, FL 33647

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