Co-Working During COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 is being hailed as the responsible catalyst for the world's 4th Industrial Revolution. New workplace spacing and disinfectant protocols are being adopted with no idea how long they'll be in place. Looking for a disruption in almost every industry in the world?  This is it!  SOAR Co-Working has created some new packages to fit the current times.  Currently, only Dedicated Desks, Private Offices and Shared Space packages existing prior to COVID-19 will have 24/7 access to our building. New packages were built to assist small businesses with their re-start and give an option to people who were surprised to find themselves working from home and also surprised to find they're not productive at home.

Lower cost packages with limited building access are being tested in this super weird time.  We hope these will provide a springboard to you, whatever your situation may be. We also have some co-workers who own businesses who are excited about being a soundboard for you and your new ideas and encourage you in your restart. Please let staff know and we'll facilitate an introduction and build a group of upbeat entrepreneurs willing to learn and grow with each other.

The new packages built for you can be found on our Co-Working Options page.  In order to honor spacial distancing while providing safe workspaces for as many people as possible, we've created packages for 4-hour work shifts...Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.  There is a 1-hour gap between each work shift to allow for proper sanitizing of the desk area. Only desks including privacy panels or being 6 feet from the nearest co-worker will be available for seating. We will monitor the number of shift packages purchased and compare that to available desks to make sure there is room for you when you come.

We've all proven how resilient we are!  Now, let's come roaring back to the business world with a purpose!!!

My best,

Paula Blair

Chief Co-Worker

(813) 498-1932

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Tampa, FL 33647

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