Business Address & Mail Service



A business address to use for your mail and website gives your business that professional edge you've been looking for.

There are many ways a business address (also known as a virtual address) can add value to your business:

  • Your website, business cards, and letterhead will include a prestigious business address instead of your home address or omitting an address entirely;

  • If you register your business with internet browsers, it will appear on their map by name when the search feature is used;

  • Do you sense the majority of your website clicks are coming from locations close to the address listed on your website? Adding a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th virtual address in a different section of the city, county or state will help steer searches emanating from that area to you;

  • If you purchase the professional address & mail service from SOAR Co-working, you automatically have 4 great meeting rooms to choose from when you need to meet with a client, your team, or perform job interviews. Purchasing this package automatically qualifies you for a 33% discount on all meetings held here. View rooms and pricing here.


When mail is received for you, we notify you by email and you pick it up at Reception.


​A Postal Service form 1583 will be provided to you for completion. The form is required before this service can begin. Do not register your business including our address with any entities before going through this process and receiving the complete instructions.

The Business Address and Mail Service are automatically included in most coworking packages and with all offices.